About me

I have been a fitness professional for the last decade. My passion for fitness continues to this day, although after giving birth to my son Carl in early 2017, my priorities have changed.

I have always enjoyed cooking, and I’ve taken it more seriously since Carl started eating solid food. I wanted him to start experiencing food textures and tastes from a very young age, so I gave him mashed butternut squash in between milk feedings when he was as young as 4.5 months. My husband thought that I was crazy, because his motor skills weren’t there yet, but I told him, “It’s ok, he can always start early, and if he is not ready, we can try again later.” Basically, I was using the same approach I took with my fitness clients. We try, and if it’s too hard, we adjust. You will never know what works until you try. I was hoping that he would love eating (and later cooking!) as much as I do. I wanted him to experience a variety of tastes and textures from a very young age so that he would be less fussy with food when he is older. I honestly think that he is a more adventurous eater today because of this early exposure!

In this blog, I simply want to share my tested recipes, with clear instructions regarding food preparation and cooking techniques. I’ll share ideas for everything from special occasions, to dinners at home, to snacks for your little ones and your whole family!

Bon appétit!

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