Eat more to boost your metabolism!

Why does eating too little hold you back from shedding off those last few pounds?

Follow this rule : Keep your intake above 1000 calories daily

When you starve yourself, your body will turn into panic or conserve mode to hang onto every calorie for essential bodily functions. Once your calorie intake drops to a certain level (approx 1000 calories per day), your metabolism decreases drastically and your body will start to take whatever it has for keeping you alive.

Eat frequently, do not skip meals

If you thinking skipping meals can help you to lose weight, then you are making a big mistake. Skipping meals interferes with our insulin response, which makes your body store more fat. If you skip breakfast and wait until lunch time to eat, it’s more likely that your insulin level raises higher than if you had eaten breakfast. Controlling your blood sugar and insulin level can ease your food craving. Eat around

5-6 small fresh healthy snacks/meals a day to maintain your optimum insulin level.

Simple calorie calculator

Simply multiply your target weight by 10 and calculate your approximate daily calorie intake. If you are 130 pounds, you will need to consume around 1300 calories daily. Add and substract around 200 calories from the intake depending on your daily physical activities and make sure that you are not eating too little.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will thank yourself for that. My rule of thumb is “listen to your mind and body”. Don’t force yourself to do and eat things that you don’t enjoy. Living a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable, not painful.

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