kimchi fried rice

I can eat this everyday.

If you have kimchi and leftover rice, you have a quick meal in less than 15 minutes. To add some extra protein of your choice, topped with a perfect fried egg or crumbled up some hard tofu and fry everything together. Such a comforting meal.

In case you don’t know about fried rice, only leftover rice are used for fried rice as the results come out less sticky compare to freshly cooked ones. I always make extra portions of rice and store them in glass lock boxes in the fridge. They are really a lifesaver. I highly recommend high quality Japanese short grain rice for best results. Cook the leftover rice directly without reheating.


1 cup Homemade kimchi with 50 ml of it’s juice

1 spring onion

1 small shallot

2 cup leftover rice

2 tbsp light soy sauce

2 tsp sugar

1 tsp Toasted sesame seeds

1 tbsp Vegetable oil for cooking

Pinch of salt to taste (if using tofu)

Gochujang for serving

Protein add-on suggestion

2 free-range eggs

150 g hard tofu (I used Yipin)

Recipe Preparation

Trim spring onion and thinly sliced. Trim, peel and thinly sliced shallot. Use scissors or knife to cut kimchi into bite-sized.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a wok on medium high. Sauté shallot and spring onion for 30 seconds.

If you are adding tofu, use your hands to crumble tofu into the wok, season with a pinch of salt. Use spatula to press down on tofu to get the edges crisp and golden, about 3 minutes.

Add leftover rice and use spatula to break up rice.

Add kimchi and juice into wok, stir frequently to combine with rice.

Add sugar, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Stir until everything is well-combined. Serve immediately and top with gochujang.

If you are serving with fried egg, cover rice and keep warm. Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil into a medium frying pan on high heat (best if you have a lid with the pan), Crack two eggs into the pan, cover with lid, set timer for 2 minutes. Turn off heat and let eggs cook with residue heat for 2 minutes further.

Divide kimchi fried rice into 2 portions, top with crispy fried egg, serve immediately with gochujang.

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