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How can I keep my wooden chopsticks in shape?
#1, Never put them in the dishwasher.

#2, After washing your chopsticks, don’t stand them up in the dish rack. Instead, lie them flat on a drying mat. This way, your chopsticks will never get bent. 

How can I sauté mushrooms so that they are perfectly browned?

Mushrooms are about 90% water, which means you need patience and time to sauté them properly.

#1 Make sure that you use a big enough frying pan. For example, if you want to cook 250 g of sliced button mushrooms, you will need a pan that’s a minimum 28 cm wide. Make sure you have enough room to avoid crowding the food, which will cause them to get steamed instead of sautéed. 

#2 Use a fine brush to clean your mushrooms. NEVER wash them.

#3 Make sure your pan is hot.

#4 Make sure to use good quality butter, and lots of it. Don’t worry about calories. 

Egg fried rice 101
#1 Make sure you use cold rice.
Day-old, cooked rice is perfect and ensures that you don’t get lumps during cooking.

#2 Use silky scrambled eggs.
Beat the egg until the white is blended with the yolk. Turn off the heat before you pour the whisked egg into the rice and stir with chopsticks to break up the scrambled egg evenly.

#3 Use scallions 
Don’t forget to add finely chopped scallions and few drops of sesame oil before serving!

Perfectly roasted chicken
#1 Butterfly the chicken so that the skin doesn’t get pressed down during roasting. If you prefer a whole chicken, roast it on a rack, keeping a baking tray under it to collect the drippings.

#2 Seasoning the chicken ahead of time makes a HUGE difference in taste, even just salt and pepper.

#3 Make sure to oil/butter the skin thoroughly before roasting, and don’t forget to baste.

#4 Poke a whole lemon all around with a fork and stuff it inside the cavity before roasting. This will keep the chicken moist and juicy.

Baking tips
Have you ever been halfway through the baking process and noticed that your dish is browning faster than you expected?
Instead of reducing the temperature (which could change your results), put a baking tray on the rack above to block out the direct heat from the top of the oven.

Removing fibre from celery

Instead of trying to pull off the old fibre part of a celery stalk from their ends, break the middle part of the celery and remove the old fibre parts from that. check out my vlog to see how to remove fibrous threads on celery

Here’s a quick way to skim the excess fat from stews and soups:

Let it rest at room temperature undisturbed, until it cools completely. A layer of white fat will float to the top, and you can use a spoon to gently skim it off.